Here's to Step Three

A poem to make you smile by John Arnott

Thank God that Covid's in retreat at last

and we don't have to dwell upon the past

Still wearing masks, we shop at Tesco

it's been OK to dine al-fresco

now restaurant dining is back, just think of that

no more outside with blankets and bobble hat!

The church is open, the bells are ringing

we congregate outside for communal singing

But now 'step three' is here - it's time to go!

and welcome all the friends you know

Get out and about and paint the town red

but listen to Boris and don't lose your head!

be cautious though - at your own pace

and watch out for that unwelcome embrace!

'At your own risk' you can hug and cuddle

the rules are clear - don't get in a muddle

but tickle responsibly when you meet

and please be careful who you greet

for not all will want that fond embrace

when we meet again and face to face

The birthday bash is back again

you can stay indoors, not out in the rain

however, be cautious and not in doubt

as your birthday boy blows the candles out

and as you're offered a slice of cake

be selective with which piece you take!