St Nicholas

We are a people who love Jesus and we want to share his good news with you.

His good news? 

Life is not a dead end and you are not alone in looking for that thriving, abundant,forgiven life, beginning now, lasting forever. Join us and find out not what you must do but what God has done in Jesus to make all of this possible.

Finally we are an exclusive church. Only people who are failures, sinners as the bible calls us, all of us, who know they need to be forgiven, are welcome.

So that is everyone. Meet us in person (best way) on Sunday at one of our services, our watch on our You Tube Channel or contact us through our website. 

Get in touch

Rev'd Wullie Docherty

33 Twyford Close

NE23 6PH
Team Rector
01670 730506

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What's on

0800 Holy Communion

Every Sunday at for 45 mins
St Nicholas
Blagdon Terrace Cramlington, NE23 6QQ, United Kingdom

Simple, traditional, dignified service with robed Clergy and Server.
Typically one hymn.