Church of England Diocese of Newcastle St. Gabriel, Heaton Newcastle-upon-Tyne


Weddings (and Blessings of Marriage)

We are biased, but we believe that St. Gabriel’s is a fabulous place to be married. Anyone who lives in the parish of St Gabriel’s can be married here; you do not need to have been baptised or come to church. If you are not sure which parish you live in, you can check by using your postcode at

If you do not live in the parish, but do have a connection (perhaps you used to live here, or your parents were married here, for example) please ask about how you can be married here.

If you have been married in a civil ceremony and would like to have the marriage blessed, we would love to talk to you too.

You can find out more about church weddings and blessings on the Church of England weddings site.

To start booking your wedding or blessing, or just to ask a question, please get in touch via the Parish Office. 

The current legislation does not allow Church of England Churches to perform same sex marriages. As a church community we are campaigning and praying for the day when we can and are looking forward to that with great anticipation.

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