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Prayer Resources

Lord, teach us to pray, asked the disciples 2000 years ago, and that is still our prayer as His disciples today

During the period between Ascension Day and Pentecost the Church of England, along with many other churches, encourages members to pray Thy Kingdom Come, in particular praying that others may find new life in Jesus. In this period we at St Mary's will do just that.  Look out for more information!  Or you can download a free Thy Kingdom Come prayer app for Android or Apple

Over the centuries Christian communities developed prayers for different times of day, the patterns of which are still reflected in the Church of England regular services.  Others prefer a less formal approach, but all have agreed on the importance of prayer in the Christian life.  Here we offer a variety of resources to help you to pray: have a look at them all and use whatever suits you best

General Personal Prayer Resources

Resources to help you pray - a review of the wide range of aids available, with links to find them
Daily Prayer time leaflet - just four A5 pages with two different approaches, and a prayer from John Stott

Prayers for different times of day

Morning Prayer: Worship at Home
Evening Prayer: Worship at Home

Prayers for our world

Prayer for a world in crisis
Prayer about coronavirus

Freephone Prayer Line: listen to hymns, reflections and prayers

Phone Daily Hope on 0800 804 8044