5. Bellringing for Weddings and Funerals


We have a fine ring of six bells with a tenor bell weighing 14 cwt (700 kg) in the key of E.  Each bell requires a ringer!


We normally ring for about 15 minutes before and stop at the booked time of the wedding.  Then afterwards we ring the married couple out of the church for about 10 minutes, then stop for the photographers to do their stuff and ring for another 10 minutes as the couple depart.  Please book the bells with Geoff Pullin ([email protected]) at the time of booking the wedding and provide any updates on date and especially time.  There is a charge for the use of the bells, currently £150, for which payment in advance can be paid to Geoff by cheque or BACS.


Churchwardens or Funeral Directors should assume that ringers can be found and every effort will be made to find a band from the area amongst the retired, shift workers or students - please longer warning the better!

The recommended fee for ringing is the same as for weddings as above or currently £20 for tolling one bell.

Our default arrangements are shown in italic bold, but please tell us if the family want other options.

Half- muffled bells?

Half muffled (alternate loud and quiet sounds) has become rare except for very sad young deaths. Normal ringing to celebrate a long life is more common.    No / Yes

Before the service

Ringing for 20 mins  whilst the congregation gathers and until just before the appointed time for the funeral to start.  Yes / No

Tolling (very slow ringing of tenor bell) from arrival of hearse until coffin enters porch.    Yes / No

After the service

Tolling from porch to hearse. Rarely requested. No / Yes

Already cremated - ringing commences as family leaves the porch for about 20 minutes.   No / Yes

Cremation afterwards -ringing commences as hearse leaves the gate for about 20 minutes.  No / Yes

Burial in Badby Cemetery

Ringing commences as hearse leaves the gate and stops for the priest to make the committal. If we have no signal, we will assume 17 minutes. Then stop during the committal and restart afterwards (we try to look out from the top of tower!) for a short touch and lower the bells.   Yes / No

GHP 19/11/16, last updated 10/11/2022