Church of England Diocese of Portsmouth Saint John the Baptist, Oakfield, Ryde and Holy Trinity, Ryde

Together in worship - Cafe style church

22 Jul 2021, 6 a.m.
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Our together in worship – Café Style Church is an informal service with no communion. Join us at 10am for a drink and a light continental style breakfast.

We will be looking at the bible passage of John 6 regarding the feeding of the 5, 000, loaves and fishes.

There will then be an opportunity to choose which activity table you would like to join.

There will be a bible study table looking at some of these themes.

1. When have you shared something you felt to be small but made a big difference to someone? (or not shared)

2. What else do you have that God might be calling you to share?

3. How best might that be done?

4. What would happen if the young boy had not been present? Or chose not to share.

Discussion ideas

5. Notice a young boy out of thousands, with no social standing or position, wealth influence or social value.

6. He gave all he had.

7. God gave back more than we can give.

Or choose the prayer table and think about what prayers this reading evokes.

Or join the create activity table looking at the famous mosaic of the loaves and fishes.