Church of England Diocese of Portsmouth


If you are thinking you can't get married through Whiteley Church because we don't have a building yet, you can!  The ministers at Whiteley Church conduct Whiteley weddings at either St Peter's Church Titchfield or St Paul's Church Sarisbury Green, depending on where in Whiteley you live.  For more information contact Rev Philippa Mills ([email protected])

If you live in Whiteley but are getting married elsewhere then you will need to have your Banns read and obtain a Banns Certificate.  Because Whiteley is not a parish in its own right your Banns will need to be read either at St Paul's Sarisbury Green or at St Peter's Titchfield, depending in which part of Whiteley you live.  St Paul's page on A Church Near You has a clear map of their parish boundary.  We'd still love to see you at Whiteley Church and would be delighted to pray for you as you prepare for marriage.