St Mary's

The parish of St Mary's, Chiddingstone and St Luke's, Chiddingstone Causeway serve the villages of Chiddingstone, Chiddingstone Causeway and Chiddingstone Hoath (collectively known as The Chiddingstones) and the hamlets of Bough Beech, Wellers Town and Charcott.

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Revd Lisa Cornell / Revd Lindsay Llewellyn-MacDuff

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01892 487519
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01892 319907

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We take our responsibilities to keep young children and vulnerable adults safe whenever they are in the church or with church staff. The Church of England’s Parish Safeguarding Handbook: Promoting a Safer Church can be found here The Joint Council of Penshurst and the Chiddingstone Churches has formally adopted the House of Bishops’ ‘Promoting a Safer Church safeguarding policy statement’ (click here to see the formal statement). The Joint Council Safeguarding Policy can be viewed by clicking here.

If you have cause to believe that a child or adult may have been, or is at risk of being harmed you should go to our website for the latest contact information.
If you have reason to believe that a child is in imminent danger of harm you must contact the police on 999. You should not speak to the police about an adult at risk unless with the permission of that adult.

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