About Us

Who are we?

The Community of St. Peter and St. Oswald was formed at Easter 2004 when the parishes of St. Peter's, Abbeydale and St. Oswald's, Millhouses joined together in worship and ministry. We became one parish in 2009. We worship in St Oswald’s church. We are part of the Ecclesall Deanery of Anglican churches and we have links with our sister Methodist and Roman Catholic churches in Abbeydale. We are also members of the Central Mission Partnership in Sheffield.

We want to be open to discovering more about God on our journey together.

Our Vision

Openness to God, to each other and to the community

Our mission statement

We, the people of the parish of St Peter and St Oswald in the Diocese of Sheffield, are called by God and sustained by the Holy Spirit to be a place of openness where the gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed and lived out in response to his inviting love

We do this by :

• being open to the constant invitation of God to build a relationship with him through faithful prayer, worship together and study in order to become the people God calls us to be

• endeavouring to live by the commandments of Jesus Christ to love God and care for others

• growing as a community of faith hope and love by encouraging others to engage with the faith of Jesus Christ in order to name Him for themselves

• being a growing community which is open to all who seek spiritual support, friendship and acceptance and which invites all into the healing, affirming love of God

• being responsive to the needs of our neighbours in Christ-like, loving service