It is our belief that everything we do is rooted in a prayerful and contemplative spirituality. We are not simply concerned with attendance but believe in providing the opportunity for people to develop, change and grow in their faith.  We therefore offer safe space where change can take place.

Reflective Space

Reflective Space takes place on the third Sunday of every month at 7.30pm.

This is a space of one hour where you can find the time to relax, refresh yourself, and simply be.

You do not have to bring anything with you or be a regular churchgoer.

Come and have the opportunity to enjoy peace and calm and tranquillity.

The Quiet Garden

This is situated on the Bannerdale Road side of church and is a place for peace and quiet.  There are seats in the Quiet Garden, take the opportunity to have a walk into it.  Stop!   Take a deep breath and listen to the water rippling.  Also take a look at the Labyrinth.

It is also a garden of remembrance where the ashes of loved ones may be buried.


We like to make the church available during the day for individuals to come and have some time apart in peace and quiet. The church is kept open until noon weekdays.

Our prayer is always that we will offer others a place where they may find for themselves the light and love of Christ which we experience through our faith.