Our History

St Oswald’s church was built in 1910 and the patrons for the church are the Church Burgesses.  When St Peter’s church Abbeydale was demolished in 2003, talks began with the two parishes about joining together as a single community.  This happened in 2004 when the two congregations began worshipping together as one.  In July 2009 the separate parishes of St Peter’s Abbeydale and St Oswald’s Millhouses became the one parish of St Peter and St Oswald Sheffield. This is a marvellous example of two congregations working together to become a united benefice.  We see ourselves as one community with a single purpose: to serve Christ in the world and make God’s love known to all.

Our Core Values

St. Peter’s and St. Oswald’s is a community worshipping in the modern catholic Anglican tradition that seeks to live out a radical and prophetic faith rooted in the Eucharistic values celebrated each Sunday.

We aim to be an inclusive community that welcomes diversity and seeks to make the love of Christ known through openness, acceptance and hospitality to all.

We hope to celebrate life in all its fullness but also to bear one another’s burdens, and care for those who feel disempowered and marginalised.

Our vision is to continue to develop a strong community presence that ensures our wider community is not devoid of the sacred or the spirit of life where creativity and festival can be honoured.