Facilities and features


we have an accessible toilet and shower

we can offer a space for this

Outside by the rear entrance to the church

the pharmacy generously allow car parking but please respect it is first for customers

in the building

at the back in the pharmacy car park


Our Building

some stained glass can be viewed

Music and Worship

we have a very fine playable organ

Groups, Courses and Activities

we can signpost

takes place at Warmsworth church

Cuppa Kindness Cafe is open 10-12 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

we signpost

we signpost

we signpost

the nearest branch is in Warmsworth

we signpost

we are always seeking new volunteers!

Help for Visitors

Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10-12

Other Features

we try to use fair trade tea and coffee

Given Freely Freely Given is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10-12

we have screens

one of the most deprived neighbourhoods in Doncaster