From the moment you are in touch with us, throughout the funeral service, and for as long as you need us afterwards, we’re here for you.

The Church of England is in every community, and has been helping people mark the end of life for generations.

Anyone can have a Church of England funeral, whether churchgoer or not.

When someone dies, we understand how difficult this can be.

There’s so much to think about, but we can help you say your final goodbye in a way that really helps.

We will celebrate and give thanks to God for the unique life of the person you knew and loved.

We can support you, your family and friends before, during and after the funeral with friendship and prayer,understanding your sadness and loss

And in this difficult time, our experienced trained ministers can share a message of hope and comfort.

We’ll be where you need us to be

A Church of England funeral can take place in any one of these locations:

In a church

At the Crematorium

At an outdoor woodland or green burial site

In a cemetery

Combination of Church and other location

The Church of England has a very helpful website where everything you might need to know, is covered.

Organising a Funeral :

Going to a Funeral :

After a Funeral:


You may wish to pray these words in the days before and after the funeral:

God of Love,

Surround those I love,

Especially those I can no longer see.

Be light in my darkness,

Be hope in my fear,

Be love in every moment,

And give me grace to face each day ahead.


We do not wait until the day of the funeral to pray for you and all those affected by the death of someone you knew and loved. Our church prays for all the families and friends of those who have died.


If you would like to light a candle in memory of the person you knew and loved, you will be able to do this next time you visit our church or alternatively visit and light a virtual candle, which can then be shared through Social Media. 

We hold an annual service in November where we remember all those who have died particularly thosewho have died during the previous year. This service is advertised in both our church magazine ‘Compass’and on our website. Invitations are usually sent out in advance to the families of those who have had a funeral.

Planning Ahead

Funerals can be on our minds for all sorts of reasons. If you’re thinking about sorting out your own funeral service plan, the Church of England website also offers guidance on how to do that, and how it can really help your family when the time comes.


Funeral Costs

A standard funeral includes the music and the service itself.

There are further options available e.g Tolling Bell, Flowers and the Choir. Price will be confirmed at time of booking.

Please refer to the funerals page on our church website for the latest contact information to arrange a funeral: