St Giles' Bell Ringers

St Giles' bell ringers have a tradition of ringing that dates back to 1835. We have 10 bells in the tower all cast by the John Taylor Bell foundry in Loughborough in 1920 and are widely respected as being one of the finest rings of 10 bells in the country.

When we ring a bell, we balance the bell (which can weigh up to 915kg) upside down and pull on the rope at the right time with the correct amount of strength so that the bell will rotate on its bearings to make a sound in time with the other bells that are being rung. We must consider the time taken from pulling on the rope to the bell making a sound is different for every bell and so is the amount of effort we must use. The human ear can easily detect if the timing is out by 0.1 second so if this sounds like something you would enjoy, please come along and give it a try.

We practice on Monday evenings from 7:30pm-9pm and everyone is welcome, whether you are an expert ringer or have never been in a ringing chamber. Our aim is for the ringing to be enjoyable and for you to feel supported. If you would like to come to a practice night, please contact the tower captain, Adrian Garner, on 07790 956257 so that we meet you at the door. To keep up to date with our latest news please visit our Facebook group.