Christians Together - Sombornes & District

A LOCAL COVENANT BETWEEN CHRISTIANS TOGETHER IN THE SOMBORNES AND DISTRICT   As Christians in the Sombornes and District we have increasingly shared our Christian life together over the past years.  We now feel that we would like to make an open act of commitment to God and each other which:-  1. acknowledges what we have been seeking to do together in the past;  2. affirms our desire to work together today;  3. and challenges us to take new steps together, in worship, witness and service, in the future.  In making this covenant,  1. we affirm our unity in the Trinity,  2. our regret at the failures of the past;  3. recognise each others gifts and traditions;  4. and seek together to create a unity of Christian witness and action in the area.  So our main aims in signing this Covenant are:  to search for the Unity for which Christ prayed and to do this by  a. sharing in worship, prayer, study and fellowship; ,  b. valuing each other and each others views and traditions;  c. working together in witness - social and evangelical;  d. working with each other and publicising each others activities as far as possible.  This working towards unity will involve clergy and laity sharing, when and where possible, every aspect of  Christian life and action. '  We would also like this Covenant to help ensure that our search for unity and commitment to each other will  be taken into account by Denominational leaders when any changes in ordained pastoral oversight arise.  We should like to meet together regularly to plan Christian worship, studies and other events and also assess  how we are progressing towards a more visible unity.  We also recognise the importance of the work among young people in the district and would like to set up a special Christians Together Youth Forum which would be part of the whole Christians Together in The Sombomes and District Covenant.