It is your right to be Baptised (Christened) within you Parish/Village church, whether one day old or 100years old (or older). there is no charge, you are joining the church.

If you are baptising a child they will need 3 or 4 Godparents - usually 2 of the same sex as the child and one of the opposite sex. The parents do not need to be baptised but the Godparents will, they are welcoming the child into the christian faith that they are already a member of, and promising to help bring the child up with christian teaching and ethics. Godparents are not legal guardians, they will hopefully be present as the child grows helping them develop their faith as they do so.

If you are an adult coming to baptism you will need a 'sponsor', again somebody who has been Baptised who is willing to stand beside you and be an encouragement during your own faith journey.

There is no charge for a baptism, you are joining your Church. 

 Please contact Martin, our Vicar, if you have any questions or would like to arrange a Baptism.

Contact details for Martin are: Mobile 07842 106044 or E Mail [email protected]