About Us

The Church of St Helen and the Holy Cross lies at the extreme eastern end of Sheriff Hutton Village. Next to the churchyard (see Churchyard Conservation Management Plan - draft) are the earthworks associated with the Norman motte and bailey castle. The ruins of the later, 14th-century castle tower over the village and serve as a reminder of its strategic importance in times past. The Church contains the tomb of Richard III’s son, Edward, who died at the age of eleven at Middleham while his parents were in Nottingham. The Parish Church, despite its 12th-century origins, is well suited to the needs of today’s worshippers. It is light and welcoming, has an excellent sound system and enjoys the benefits of modern kitchen and toilet facilities.

Regular Sunday services are held (see below) as well as benefice services and events.

The Church is one of five in the Forest of Galtres Benefice: Sheriff Hutton, Sutton, Stillington, Farlington & Marton.

Our Vicar is the Reverend Stephen Whiting. 

See our Facebook Page for more detailed information about our services and events.