About Us

We are a small but welcoming rural village church, built in 1896, overlooking the stunning Esk Valley.  We have some beautiful stained glass windows and an organ built by Peter Conacher & Co., of Huddersfield and Dublin.  The organ was installed in 1910 and the most recent restoration was in 1986, it is a single Manual Pipe Organ with pedals and seven speaking stops.

See the photographs of the exterior, interior, stained glass windows and the organ in the "gallery" at the top left of your screen.

There are no steps leading into the church but the one toilet is in the vestry, reached by three steps.  There is a handrail, and also rails leading to the Choir and Chancel.

We have three regular services a month:

1st Sunday at 3.00 pm - Prayer Book said Evensong service

3rd Wednesday at 11.15 am - Common Worship said Eucharist service 

4th Sunday at 9.00 am - Common Worship said Eucharist service

If there is a 5th Sunday in a month there is a10.30 am Benefice Eucharist held in rotation between the four churches in the Benefice.

2023 Benefice Services:

29 January - St John, Sleights

30 April - St Hilda, Sneaton

30 July - All Saints, Ugglebarnby

29 October - St Margaret, Aislaby

31 December - St John, Sleights

There is a community library at the back of the church, but this is currently not available due to the coronavirus restrictions.