Parish Prayer Diary

Part of being a parish is praying on a regular basis for the people of our community, as well as for the life of that community. This diary provides a monthly cycle of prayer for that purpose. In the course of the month, we pray for all the streets of the parish and the activities which take place within it. 

1st Our Church and all who worship here.

Residents of Ambrose Close and Broadway Grove

2nd Our Clergy and all who lead worship.

Residents of Bromyard Road and Brookside Road

3rd Our ALMs.

Residents of Burleigh Road and Doherty Avenue

4th Our Churchwardens.

Residents of Dowland Gardens and Drake Avenue

5th Our Organist.

Residents of Dudley Close and Essex Close

6th Members of our P.C.C.

Residents of Farmbrook Close and Fieldhead Close

7th Our P.C.C. Secretary.

Residents of Fitzwilliam Close and Greenacres Road

8th Our Servers and Eucharistic Assistants.

Residents of Grenville Road and Gresham Road

9th Our Treasurer.

Residents of Grove Crescent and Harrington Road

10th Our Deanery and Diocesan Synod Representatives.

Residents of Harrow Croft and Hathaway Close

11th Those who clean the church.

Residents of Hawkins Close and Hayfield Road

12th Those who buy and arrange the flowers in church.

Residents of Howard Road and Howburyfield Avenue

13th Dines Green School, its Staff, Pupils and Parents.

Residents of Ingram Avenue and Lear Close

14th The Green Centre.

Residents of Leasowe Close and Low Fold Close

15th Our local Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers.

Residents of Marlow Road and Meadowbank Drive

16th All the shops and businesses in Dines Green.

Residents of Norfolk Close and Oak View Way

17th Doctors, Paramedics and Emergency Services working locally.

Residents of Oldbury Road and Penhill Crescent

18th Local Social Services and Care Workers.

Residents of Raleigh Close

19th Local residents who are struggling financially or with health problems.

Residents of Rea Way

20th Those recently baptised and preparing for baptism, and their families.

Residents of Rosemary Avenue

21st Those recently married or preparing for marriage.

Residents of Sapphire Crescent

22nd Those recently bereaved.

Residents of Sedge Close

23rd The West Worcester Group of Churches and links between them.

Residents of Shakespeare Road

24th West Worcester Churches Together and ecumenical links.

Residents of Solitaire Avenue

25th Martley and Worcester West Deanery, the Rural Dean and Lay Chair.

Residents of Spencer Road

26th Those who work at the Old Palace.

Residents of Stainburn Avenue

27th The Archdeaconry of Worcester and the Archdeacon of Worcester.

Residents of Stainburn Close

28th The Archdeaconry of Dudley and the Archdeacon of Dudley.

Residents of Tudor Way

29th The Diocese of Worcester and the Bishops of Worcester and Dudley.

Residents of Westfield Close

30th Worcester Cathedral, the Dean and Chapter.

Residents of Westlea Close

31st All not on the Electoral Roll who are worshippers at our Church.

Residents of Westview Close