About Us

We are a small, friendly and inclusive congregation drawn from the small village of Hawton and the surrounding area. On most Sundays there will be 20 – 25 people gathered for the service. We are very privileged to have such a beautiful and yet quite simple building in which to worship.

Mostly our worship is in contemporary language from the Church of England’s Common Worship : Services and Prayers for the Church of England which was first published in 2000. We are aware however of the needs and desires of some of our congregation to worship in the traditional language of the Book of Common Prayer and so we have a regular Holy Communion service from that book.

We practice an “open table” when we gather for the Eucharist / Holy Communion and everyone is welcome to come to the Lord’s Table and receive the bread and wine. We ask no questions; we set no requirements. Whether or not to receive communion is your decision; only you know your relationship with God. Along with Queen Elizabeth I, we have no desire to create windows into [people’s] souls. If you’re not comfortable with receiving communion we still encourage you to come to the altar rail and receive a blessing. Just don’t extend your hands to receive the bread and the presiding priest will give you God’s blessing.

Do you have a mobility, visual, aural or any other impairment?

If you use a wheelchair (powered or not) or some other walking aid, please ask for the portable ramp to be put in place. Please don’t struggle with the two steps at the entrance.

Similarly, please ask upon arrival if you would like the bread and wine of holy communion to be brought to you rather than struggle to the altar. Please don’t feel embarrassed; it’s unlikely that you will be the only one.

All types of Registered Assistance Dogs are always welcome.

Large print hymn and service books are available (please ask) and there is sound reinforcement and an induction loop. If the loop system doesn’t seem to be working, please say so. It could be that no-one has remembered to turn it on; we’re none of us perfect.

At the time of writing, we are very sorry that we do not have any resources in braille. It is an omission that we are aware of and want to remedy as soon as we can.

Gluten – information for sufferers of Coeliac disease

If you have Coeliac disease or are otherwise wheat-intolerant, gluten-free communion wafers are always available. Please tell the person who greets you when you arrive and we will make sure that sufficient wafers are provided. If refreshments are being served after the service, please ask which of the cakes and biscuits on offer are gluten-free. There is bound to be at least one.