Thinking about Baptism at St.Mary’s church, Mildenhall?

The first thing to ask is do you live in Mildenhall, or come to worship at St.Mary’s Church? If so we can continue to help you in exploring baptism- otherwise please contact your local parish church who will be able to help you further.

Baptism is the name we usually use at church for Christenings.

Baptism is for any age- often adults and teenagers come to be baptised, as well as children of differing ages.

We ask that all individuals, or families who are thinking about having their child baptised come to church and meet the church family. We don't specify how many weeks - it is about becoming part of the church community and belonging, both before and after the baptism.

For families, the best way may be to come to one of our informal services for all-ages- usually on the first Sunday of the month at 11am. This is a relaxed time, with lots of interactive things to do and involve children. Also please look out for other activity afternoons when you can come and meet us. 

You will find information about services and events on @St.MarysChurchMidlenhall Facebook Page.

When we meet we can give you more information and explain further how we can proceed. There will need to be a time of preparation, to help you be ready for the important occasion of baptism and welcome into the church family.

We look forward to seeing you..