Practical Planning for your Wedding at St. Mary’s Mildenhall: Booking your wedding, banns, payment, contact details and other practical arrangements.

After deciding on a date on which you would like to be married, you need to apply by returning a “banns of marriage application” form. This is a legal document and, in most cases, forms the basis on which you will be married. You are legally required supply the correct information. This application form needs to be given to the Church Administrator, with a non-returnable deposit of £25. They will handle all paperwork and fees. Please make any cheques payable to “PCC of Mildenhall Parish Church”.

If neither of you live in the Parish of Mildenhall you must meet one of the following criteria:- One of you was Baptised or prepared for Confirmation in the Parish.- One of you has lived in the Parish for six months or more.- One of you has regularly attended public worship in the Parish for six months or more.- One of your parents has lived in the Parish for six months or more in your lifetime.- One of your parents has regularly attended public worship for six months or more in your lifetime- Your parents or grandparents were married in the Parish.

If none of the above are applicable, a Licence can be applied for from the Archbishop in exceptional circumstances.

At the time of booking, you will need to provide a Passport or Driver’s License to confirm your nationality. 

For Non-Nationals 

Rather than being married by banns, non-nationals will need to apply to a civil registrar (such as Bury St. Edmunds Registration Service) for a certificate. This will give legal permission for someone who is from outside the UK to be married in church within a year of issue. These certificates may need at least four months from the date of application for processing.

If You Have Been Married Before

If either one of you have been in a previous marriage, then an interview process has to be followed and permission to marry in Church has to be granted by the Bishop before the wedding day can be confirmed. The decree absolute dissolving your previous marriage will need to be seen.

The Calling of Banns - Legal Notice

Unless you are being married by certificate or licence, banns need to be read on three Sundays in the Church in which you are being married. These give notice of your marriage and ask if anyone knows any reason why you may not marry. This is typically performed two months prior to your wedding date. You will be notified ahead of time.

Many couples prefer to be present for the calling of banns. We joyfully welcome you to attend regularly and become part of the Church family.

If you live in a different Parish you will also need to have banns read at the Parish church where you live. You must bring/ send a banns certificate at least one week before your service. We MUST have this document before your wedding can take place. The fee for the reading and the certificate from the providing church is £54.

Fees 2023

Please pay your fees as soon as you are able. You may pay in full or in instalments. Card payment is available at the Church Cottage Rooms 10.00am – 1.00pm Friday mornings or in the Church Bank. Details are also available for cash transfers. Please let us know you make a bank transfer so that we can acknowledge receipt. 

The full amount must be paid at least two weeks prior to the wedding date. Cheques should be made payable to: “PCC of Mildenhall Parish Church” paid in to the Church Administrator in the Cottage Rooms.

The total basic cost of your wedding is: £644 less deposit. Included in this price is the following:- Calling of banns in this Church- Administrative costs- Minister fee (which is passed onto the Diocese)- Use of the Church building- Contribution for a verger and sound system operator.

**For weddings between October and April, add £120 contribution for heating costs. (£40 for the smaller chancel area)**

Optional Extras:Organist: £100 (approx.)Bells and a choir are unlikely to be available at present.

Video Licence

If you want to copy, dub, or edit a video and it contains music, live or recorded in the Church (or at your reception) you are required to obtain a video recording-licence. You may go to or call 01323 436111. We need to see the licence before the service.

A double fee is payable to the organist under copyright rules if you are making a video of the service.

Flowers and Decorations

Please check with Rev. Sue Leathley for a convenient time for flower arrangements and other decorations to be brought. The flowers belong to you and can be taken along to your reception. If you have bows or ribbons please arrange for someone to detach and

take them away soon after the service.


Music can be played either from a USB memory stick, or CD. Not all CDs play on our system, especially ones which have been homemade. We need to test any CDs on our system to make sure that they will play on the day. Please provide us with anyCDs or USB sticks which you hope to use at least two weeks before your wedding.


Church Administrator (Suzy) Fridays in the Church Cottage Rooms 10.00am -1.00pmTel. 07596 927123 (text message available)E-mail: [email protected]

Team Vicar: Rev. Sue Leathley

Tel. 01638 711930E-mail: stmmildenhall@aolAddress: 8, Church Walk, Mildenhall IP28 7ED.

Other Practical Things

A verger will be present on the day of the wedding to help with seating and general arrangements, but you may also have your own ushers to give out service sheets.If you are using order of service sheets do not print until the minister has approved the final draft. They must be at the Church before your guests start toarrive.

At present it is unlikely that bells and choir will be available however, please let us know if this is something you would like, so that if it becomes possible, they can be pre-booked.

You are welcome to use confetti outside but please use a bio-degradable kind which melts away in the rain.

Please make sure your guests know how to find the Church and where they may park. Parking for St. Mary’s, Mildenhall can be in the town, at the Jubilee centre or a few cars may park at the end of the Church Walk in Wamil Way.

The wedding car can draw up outside the Church but you must arrange with us for someone to move the bollards. If you have a horse drawn carriage please allow ample time to complete the journey. If you have any drivers or passengers who are disabled it may be for them to park near to the Church. We can also reserve positions within the Church to accommodate anyone using a wheelchair.

Do ask if you have and questions. We are here to help make your wedding a delightful and memorable occasion for you both.

St. Mary’s Church will be praying for you as you approach this important day and for the years ahead. May God bless you. Please take time to come to Church, to pray, and to discover more about faith in God who longs that we will all know His love and blessings.