Always open Sunday morning and evening; also open currently on monday mornings and thursday mornings when coffee and cakes/biscuits are usually available. There are schoolchildren in the church monday mornings early, and there is a Communion Service on Thursday mornings at 10 for half an hour. Occasionally open at other times too.

Getting here

All Saints Church is half a mile to the west of Reading town centre in Downshire Square, RG1 6NN (No.1 or 2 or 26 or 33 bus from the town centre). Within the All Saints area there are two Church Schools; All Saints Infant School next to the Church and St Mary's Primary School in Coley Park. There are also several other primary, prep and secondary schools in the area. In the parish, which is very large, there are also several Care Homes which we regularly visit and minister to, as well as two private hospitals, several pubs, more than one hotel, not many shops, a railway station, a canal, no helipad, more than one herd of cows, and at least two petrol stations.

Our main Sunday Service at All Saints is currently the 11 am Parish Eucharist to which everybody is welcome. The style is relaxed and friendly. There is a wide spectrum of Anglican traditions amongst the congregations. Coffee and Chat afterwards is an important social occasion. We hope that you will find that all the congregations, young and old, are friendly and inclusive. If you are looking for a venue for an event please consider our Church Hall which is available to everyone. Details are to be found via the link to the left.

This site is regularly updated, usually every week.

Downshire Square

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