PCC 2023 and contacts

Reading St Mark and All Saints: PCC as from May 2023

PCC members by virtue of Office:

Rev'd Jo Williams (Vicar and Chairman)

Rev'd Jane Lewis (Associate Priest) 07703 266451 (rest days Monday - Thursday)

Sylvia Cummins (Licensed Lay Minister) 0118 9575049

Diana Matthews (Licensed Lay Minister) 0118 9582108

Kwaw Elliott (Churchwarden)

Linda Parish (Churchwarden)

Angelina Elliott (Member of the Deanery Synod to 2026)

Sharon Hyman (Member of Deanery Synod to 2026)

Elected PCC Members:

Angelina Elliott (to 2024 - Treasurer)

Sharon Hyman (to 2024)

John Hodge (to 2024)

Susan Carter (2024)

Nana Gyebi-Johnson (to 2025)

Anesta Vaughan (2025)

Vacancy (2025)

Vacancy (2025)

Rosie Hughes (2026)

Iva Butler (2026)

Liz Sandford (2026)

Jess Harris (2026)

Co-opted Members: Judy Vaughan

Standing Committee: Vicar, Churchwardens (Linda Parish and Kwaw Elliott), Anesta Vaughan, Treasurer and John Hodge

Finance Committee: Angelina Elliott (Treasurer) and Ron Cummins (Assistant Treasurer)

Other Roles:

In attendance at PCC meetings with no voting power: (Parish Treasurer), ( Safeguarding Officer)

The following PCC-appointed roles do not carry any entitlement to attend PCC meetings:

(The Rev Jo Williams, as Vicar, is ex-officio member of all sub-committees).

Ministry Group: Clergy, LLM's, those with authority to preach (licensed readers) and trainee ordinands

Warden support group:

Events Committee: Treasurer, Linda Parish and Sharon Hyman

Hall Management Committees:

All Saints: John Hodge and Ivor Snape (Hall Manager)

St Mark: St Mark's Church warden, Angelina Elliott, Sharon Hyman (Hall Manager)

Music committee: tba

FWO Secretary: Ron Cummins

Fabric Group: Church wardens (Linda Parish and Kwaw Elliott), Pat Alleyne (co-opted) and Norma Parris

Electoral Roll Officer: Kwaw Elliott

Policy Officers: Levine Whitham (safeguarding officer), and Nana Gyebi-Johnson (health and safety)

Health and Safety Officer: Nana Gyebi-Johnson (All Saints) and Susan Carter (St Mark's)

Safeguarding Officer: Levine Whitham

Parish Secretary: Wendy Smith 0118 9502620

PCC Secretary: Jackie John 0118 9502620 - to contact the PCC members please email: [email protected]