Church of England Diocese of St.Edmundsbury & Ipswich Friston

Sade’s Seat

Sade’s seat was commissioned by Juli and Rusty Hill in memory of their daughter Sade who was tragically killed in a car accident.

Sade grew up in Friston and many villagers have happy memories of Sade with her parents and her sister, Keri. She was heavily involved in the caring sector. She worked with those with learning disabilities at Seaman House in Saxmundham (since closed). Sade loved her work and that is why the seat was crafted by Genesis.

The seat is a superb piece of craftsmanship from Genesis (Orwell Mencap) Ipswich. It has fully equipped workshops and provides training and work experience skills for people with learning disabilities aimed at breaking down barriers to gaining employment. They were engaged in the Christchurch Park renovation project. One of their projects including renovating and recycling old bikes!

Sade’s Seat is beautifully sited overlooking the churchyard and out across the village. The plaque says: “Sade ...... loved to infinity”. Sade would say to her son, Oren, when she left him or at bedtime - “I love you”; his reply was “I love you two”, to which she would then say “ I love you four”! This would go on for quite a while until one of them said “infinity”. It was the last thing that Oren said to his mother.

We are truly grateful for this most generous gift from Juli and Rusty which offers a place for reflection and meditation and is a lasting memorial to Sade.