Music to lift your soul in this time of dispersement

Alan Bullard, Friston resident and UK composer, whose music is performed all over the world, has allowed us to post videos of himself playing some well-known hymns to uplift us in these troubled times.  For most of them you shouldn't have too much trouble finding the words online.

Lord of All Hopefulness!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9kdi17ogaOTn88S3A

My Song is Love Unknown

For Palm Sunday - All glory, laud and honour!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9lOyyfuc071XL-5_w?e=xnrdUK

For Holy Week - O Sacred Head!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9lPfAXBd9-XqmNsrw?e=q0OSLb 

And something special from Alan:

This is my cantata, Wondrous Cross, (based on the Seven Last Words of Jesus Christ), performed by the Lion Walk Church Choir on Palm Sunday evening, 2012.

A hymn for Good Friday - Were you there when they crucified my Lord?!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9lQxt9jFmdQcEZ5bw?e=uFHESE

And something special for Easter Day - Christ the Lord is risen today!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9ohnfmLBQCI7RfhHg?e=Em8zD3

Another beautiful Easter hymn - Now the green blade riseth!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9ojwbHZVFjtiGg3uQ?e=z9z4Rp

And This Joyful Eastertide continues!!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9oqWuEgCntjjaQ_Zw?e=7qghT0

Here's a 20th-century favourite - Living Lord!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9pHsolWcFe-p1Uk6Q?e=jeNnS4

A classic hymn to a 20th-century tune that became a great favourite - At the name of Jesus!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9pNZMv6q82ngb-_rg?e=C7Enim

This is a particularly beautiful modern hymn - Brother, sister, let me serve you - and the pictures and performers are rather special!!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9pMBmtEwhkZ6lZ_vQ?e=C7rcXA

A good old favourite - Great is thy faithfulness!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9pJ0RxtD17C9wyvjw?e=2LPs8k

A hymn very much for our time - Through all the changing scenes of life!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9s2rGWGnL31qNF44A?e=61CzJS

A favourite of many - O Jesus, I have promised!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9s5LGO-YYz_yB4JrA?e=a0zks3

A beautiful hymn - Seek ye first the kingdom of God - and Alan says 'a performance by the Bullard family virtual choir, including two grand-daughters. The pictured churches are, mainly, ones with which we have family connections or have recently visited.'!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9tf951hbUxV2rI4Ew?e=yuiHJQ

A lovely hymn from Scandinavia - The love of God!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9s1rxIyGmOdXH_R0Q?e=BzMuRv

One for Ascension Day (Thursday 21st May) - Ye servants of God!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9xE8EvpDuGLwhxODA?e=dPHdx1

And a familiar hymn that is apt for our times - Jesus shall reign!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9xKQMjU1tRJ7b-aQw?e=uVtWGk  

A modern hymn with words also particularly appropriate for out times - Do not be afraid!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9xMU2m5fzbdTzrdjw?e=c27J33

One of the great Pentecost hymns - Come down, O love divine!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9xLGMGsAz-IGvmaUw?e=rgYyBb

A hymn to (as Alan says) 'always have by our side' - The Lord's my shepherd!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9shcQQONbYQiYmZdA?e=kNTSRa

A hymn for Trinity Sunday - Go forth and tell!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9xJLGFiOsz9ie9jyQ?e=IZihEG

A magnificent hymn - All my hope on God is founded.  

Alan writes:

The tune is by Herbert Howells (1892-1983). - he was my composition teacher at the Royal College of Music and this tune is called ‘Michael’ in memory of his son who sadly died of polio, aged 9, in the 1930s. Dr Howells kept Michael’s school sports-gear etc. in his garage in Barnes for the rest of his life.!AtEyLDlEdaeJg90gmmuJFX0vQOs37A?e=CcOxTH

Of 'When in our music God is glorified' Alan writes:

This Sunday (June 14th) is, I’m told, called ‘Music Sunday’ so here’s an appropriate hymn: Fred Pratt Green’s words to a tune by Stanford.!AtEyLDlEdaeJg90e4bwz-lgMGhBqBQ?e=qN7jqy

A hymn that is more than just for harvest - For the fruits of all creation

Alan writes:

Having just returned from a stroll through lovely Suffolk farmland, this seemed an appropriate choice of hymn. As the previous hymn, words are by the Methodist minister Fred Pratt Green. The music is by Francis Jackson, now aged 102: he was organist of York Minster from 1946 to 1982 (and a chorister there from 1929-33!). It’s a beautiful hymn with a sweeping melody.!AtEyLDlEdaeJg90dJaIAZH2NdN9N4Q?e=814Yqo 

A good rousing hymn - The God of Abraham praise!AtEyLDlEdaeJg90f7G7krsqgMvj-EQ?e=UkWO9h

A hymn from the modern Iona tradition - The love of God comes close where stands an open door!AtEyLDlEdaeJg91K2DGcHvKKNyYOtA?e=UJnmMq 

One of the classics, with George Herbert's glorious words - Let all the world in every corner sing - and, as Alan says, ‘…No door can keep them out..’  As some churches prepare to open for worship (though perhaps not singing yet), this hymn - a request from a friend - seems a very appropriate one.!AtEyLDlEdaeJg94MRHPS47ESLlA1KQ?e=BEHy1L

A hymn that seems particularly relevant at the moment - Just as I am!AtEyLDlEdaeJg91He4j6DHCrqO9bJQ?e=KErsTc

Something of a modern classic - Colours of day!AtEyLDlEdaeJg91_8hNy4_dYqw9S-A?e=SwS07D

A beautifully simple hymn with words by a very famous cricket commentator - God whose farm is all creation!AtEyLDlEdaeJg91-SGBq22vByYpawQ?e=7aIFWh

A fairly obcure American folk-song took on a whole new lease of life when Sydney Carter borrowed its tune and added his own remarkable words - Lord of the Dance!AtEyLDlEdaeJg91IiLs_mjcXxekjWA?e=SaBs5t

A hymn based on beautiful Irish words - Be Thou my vision!AtEyLDlEdaeJg98UKqbHH2jLIw-IJQ?e=DUVmv2 

An old favourite - King of glory, King of peace!AtEyLDlEdaeJg98SkzK30WYeXNJX9A?e=HkzMbx

A hymn we don't know so well - but is good for our times - There's a quiet understanding!AtEyLDlEdaeJg98uUW5gUwQxtjHMTw?e=Twnj2X

One of the great hymns of praise - Praise, my soul, the King of heaven!AtEyLDlEdaeJg98T0_9XlZcNHAqvRA?e=3XeEmR 

Alan says: 'Here’s a hymn for this Sunday - Christ is the World’s true light. You can sing it to ‘Now thank we all our God’ which I recorded here (in colder weather):!AtEyLDlEdaeJg90jKYZfRojfMxv26w?e=WKLYhI  

A hymn that's not so well-known in Anglican circles but is a real gem.  A quick online search will find the words.  Alan says: A lovely hymn by George Caird today. Caird was a Congregationalist scholar, minister, and, amongst many other things, principal of Mansfield College. The equally beautiful tune is by S. S. Wesley.!AtEyLDlEdaeJg98vS5X-wpgpIZq-3w?e=QZ6hzJ

Alan says: 'Well, perhaps not quite a hymn - the words are the familiar text, but the music is new'.  (He's too modest to say that he wrote it!)

What happened when an English public-school teacher paired up the end of an American Quaker's poem about a demon drink and the melody of an aria from one of Sir Hubert Parry's oratorios?  Answer - a much-loved hymn - Dear Lord and Father of mankind!!AtEyLDlEdaeJg991ah2viU4WX3zaVA?e=ws0gf1    

A lovely modern hymn - God is love, and where true love is God himself is there.!AtEyLDlEdaeJg99zf3FsRZS8pC6Xjg?e=rjYXe8 

Another classic - Take my life and let it be consecrated, Lord, to thee!AtEyLDlEdaeJg99xMTGLJGDb23Vzsw?e=w1b9l9

Alan says: 'One of our favourite hymns - here (as a few months ago) sung by a virtual choir… '  Brother, sister, let me serve you

A 'children's hymn' (the writers include some 1960's Junior Church members) with a powerful message for us all - Think of a world without any flowers!AtEyLDlEdaeJg99wlXkzjwJPv0wtOg?e=6AJeKM

Alan says:  Here’s a hymn for this Sunday - and even if we are unable to physically meet for worship at the moment, Jesus is here.  As we are gathered, Jesus is here.!AtEyLDlEdaeJg99vMdMCjKP_E1Sn6Q?e=UnyaGn

A little touch of Advent in the summer - one of the geat hymns from the Lutheran tradition - Wake, O wake, with tidings thrilling!AtEyLDlEdaeJg99yKGZ3sGe_w51mDQ?e=9Ps3l5

The great prayer of St Francis turned into a beatiful hymn - Make me a channel of your peace!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-ECEOqBJYEVSMHMvQ?e=CA3yfv

Another favourite - Father, hear the prayer we offer!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-EBXizG0aOqQm0RdQ?e=9m4NBX

A harvest hymn by the great Methodist hymn-writer Fred Pratt Green - For the fruits of all creation, thanks be to God!AtEyLDlEdaeJg90dJaIAZH2NdN9N4Q?e=RkSCDU

Another 20th-century classic - Jesus is Lord!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-B-TChMuM2YeStbSA?e=orEELH

A real old favourite that actually began life in Russia - How great thou art!AtEyLDlEdaeJg91J5P-36I_wL4N6zA?e=v1Dm9D

Something from 'across the water' in Ireland - Be thou my vision., O Lord of my heart!AtEyLDlEdaeJg98UKqbHH2jLIw-IJQ?e=Q8mbkI

German words translated and set to a Silesian folk-tune - Fairest Lord Jesus!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-EAFgvz9yB0ewvwrg?e=2zJR03 

John Newton wrote some of the most memorable of all hymns - including this one, Great shepherd of thy people, hear!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-Enj1ZavUmf4h9zRw?e=etjaj3

Another Gospel passage turned into a memorable hymn - A new commandment!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-ElgGoUviJNCn1ZIQ?e=Edc7dS

Beautiful words, set to Orlando Gibbons's beautiful tune - Eternal ruler of the ceaseless round!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-Em-yiNu_r40srQ_w?e=sO4BtF

Yet another of those old favourites that seems to speak particularly powerfully in our current times - Through all the changing scenes of life!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9s2rGWGnL31qNF44A?e=Lf61Od

The Kingdom of God is justice and joy (nothing else need be said!)!AtEyLDlEdaeJg94Ae0oqfg0hcEuOwA?e=Xac72r

A good example of the Scottish tradition of metrical psalms - Psalm 121 made into a hymn - I to the hills will lift my eyes.!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-Ek6ox4mdnwkD-DbQ?e=BiyWKc 

No celebration of All Saints would be complete without this classic - For all the saints who from their labours rest!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-IUwcfAuzMugsne4w?e=6ObkIi

A fine Charles Wesley hymn for All Saints tide -  Come, let us join the saints above!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-ISPcnhvtwhL9k2LA?e=qgjIwc

Alan says: Instead of watching my fingers you can see and hear the choir of Ferryhill Parish Church, Aberdeen, singing my arrangement of ‘The Lord’s my Shepherd’ for their Remembrance Day service.

As Alan says: "A rather beautiful text by W. Y. Fullerton, set to a very well-known melody" - I cannot tell!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-ITiuC9XOpf6wVprQ?e=MjWR0j

A wonderful hymn of praise, though, as Alan says, it's a pity it only has two verses - From glory to glory advancing we praise thee, O Lord!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-IQzRoukRKoxHW1Qw?e=QaCgaa

A special treat -  not a hymn but a song of hope that Alan wrote during the first lockdown - Rainbow.  Alan says 'It’s performed by family and friends and I hope you enjoy it'. 

A rousing tune if ever there was one - God is love!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-IOVLNpKa-o9oXIpg?e=t576Li

We're nearly in Advent,  so here's a foretaste.  Born in the night, Mary's child.!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-INmZJpv-4uFr3G0A?e=cloxqb

One of the great Advent hymns - Lo, He comes with clouds descending!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-MJF4YRXElh52IO7g?e=oc2HPC

Something to reflect on in difficult times - God is working his purpose out!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-MIgAVMQJlWEP88dg?e=ZnNIYu

Alan says:  "Here is my setting of ‘There is no rose’ (originally 15th century German) to a less well-known translation: ‘There is a rose tree blooming’ performed by a choir of 2 x 2."

Another gem - Great shepherd of thy people, hear!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-Enj1ZavUmf4h9zRw?e=yEdleM

A self-explanatory title - The kingdom of God is justice and joy!AtEyLDlEdaeJg94Ae0oqfg0hcEuOwA?e=p8Ukky

Alan says: Here’s an Advent anthem for today - my setting of ‘Creator of the Stars of Night’ incorporating the original plainsong melody

Timothy Dudley-Smith's great Magnificat hymn - Tell out, my soul, the greatness of the Lord!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-MHNq3NDWUvXJIPow?e=VKblac

Another of Fred Pratt-Green's best - Christ is the world's light, He and none other!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-MFTtLirrSGAy7E9w?e=xYyshb

Alan says:  An Advent carol - my setting of Chanticleer, performed by the choir of Selwyn College, Cambridge, with visuals added by me!

An Annunciation carol - The angel Gabriel from heaven came!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-MEdywxAGMzA4tsKA?e=8uRhFa

Alan says: In this week, where so many people will be lonely, away from friends and family, I hope that this new carol might bring a little comfort, and remind us of the Christmas message. Apologies to those who may have already seen this (and thank you to those who are singing in it!).

A Christmas favourite - It came upon a midnight clear!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-MGlr8R3DTL6BgiEQ?e=DiMAnz

Alan says: Well, today the ‘Bullard Family Singers’ bring you ‘Sing out Angels’. The singers range in age from 3 to 73.

Alan says: Two carols for Christmas Eve:

This night - my setting of an ancient Hebridean text:

Silent Night:!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-My02HXrAugSqgvDg?e=6c3ZMD

Alan says:  Happy Christmas everyone!

1. O Come all ye faithful!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-MDGoBXO-N8DFzPXQ?e=AV2OkH

2. A boy is born in Bethlehem 

A hymn for Boxing Day - God is love!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-IOVLNpKa-o9oXIpg?e=vsGlrh

A less well-known Christmas beauty - Look how the rose is growing!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-MCg0tdTb_ejRtyCw?e=HpheQ3

Alan says:  Here is my setting of the well-known poem ‘What Child is this’ - which I’ve called ‘For Christ is Born’. Hope you enjoy it.

And look out for some views of the interior of Friston church gloriously decorated for Christmas!

Another seasonal favourite - Brightest and best!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-NePnYWF___O2oo3A?e=qFddJ5

A hymn heralding the approach of Epiphany - Wise men seeking Jesus!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-NbpY856KjmpCvdhQ?e=CuVyp6

A gentle Christmas carol - What is that fragrance, sweet and healing?!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-NcDOO5AKaFNVUG3Q?e=lJmWgu

Another of Alan's lovely compositions - Scots Nativity

‘….God’s angels and shepherds and kine in their stall, And wise men and Virgin, Thy guardians all…'

Three kings from Persian lands afar.  Alan writes of this beautiful piece 'The composer, Cornelius, writes a solo voice part to fit with a traditional hymn, 'How brightly shines the morning star’ - I’ve incorporated both aspects into my piano version'.!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-NpbDmqvmWIr6ljJQ?e=zeGJOY

An old favourite, sung at many a wedding - Lead us, heavenly Father!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-BWJO6c_efDpGwYTA?e=baQg8a

An inspiring hymn from the Iona tradition - Who would think that what was needed!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-MvUV5105VktUzWQg?e=azosNB

An Epiphany favourite - (O) worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-NmLgNwK4e3Bz6XQA?e=K5Gl7h

Alan says: Here’s J. S. Bach’s lovely harmonisation of a traditional German lullaby/carol.!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-NlSmMwZFpz66jvWA?e=v9fbOP

Alan says: The ladies of the Bullard virtual choir sing for you again - recorded last Spring / Summer.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God

A good message for today - Do not be afraid!AtEyLDlEdaeJg9xMU2m5fzbdTzrdjw?e=1ae86m

Alan says: Here’s a hymn for this weekend: 'All my hope on God is founded'.

Music by my teacher at the RCM, Herbert Howells, written in memory of his son, Michael.!AtEyLDlEdaeJg90gmmuJFX0vQOs37A?e=T2QgpW

Another favourite - Lord of all hopefulness!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-N_IcyHQImer6I7sg?e=sbOFZF

Something of a modern classic - Brother, sister, let me serve you!AtEyLDlEdaeJg-QFxLc84jb4-1-9Vg?e=37VMek</span> 

If you want to know a bit more about Alan, do visit his website