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11 Jan 2021, 11 a.m.
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Monday 11th Jan

Unfinished Sentence. Last week was a bit chaotic with Lockdown 3.0 and trying to find new routines and rhythm for many of us. This week is a new week! So here is an unfinished sentence to reflect on how you would complete it. 


Tuesday 12th Jan

soul moments.  At some point this week pause as you begin to make a hot drink. Turn off the auto-pilot and think about each step of making the drink. Watch the water as you pour it in, watch the drink swirling around as you stir it with a spoon. Watch the steam rising from the surface and feel the warmth. Then as you sip your drink, stop and savour the taste, the feel of the liquid and the warmth, really saviour it.

These small moments are soul moments they are good for our wellbeing.


Wednesday 13th Jan

Weekly Worship Podcast released, exploring the theme of 'Ruth part 1'. Click here to listen.

Thursday 14th Jan

Prayer.  You can light a candle online to pray for yourself, for a loved one or for a situation; such as covid, NHS and schools.  Click on the 'Light a candle' link to make space to pray.

Friday 15th Jan

Charity of the Week. This week it is actually Alconbury Weald Church and the Diocese of Ely. For more information please click the link.

Saturday 16th Jan

"but those who wait for God will renew their strength" (Isaiah 40:31a)

Sunday 17th Jan

Song of the Week.  This is my choice from our InterActive online service today.  'Behold Him' by Francesca Battistelli, click here to listen/watch.