Our Faith

Our faith is a series of 13 short, Church of England, films looking at some of the basics of the Christian faith. 

Are there daily patterns that help you to follow Jesus? - video

What does it mean to love your neighbour as yourself? - video

What part of the bible do you value the most? - video

When and where do you pray? - video

What makes gathering together on a Sunday important? - video

What line of The Lord’s Prayer stands out to you the most and why? - video

When and how did you become a Christian? - video

How would you describe who God is? - video

How do you express your love of God? - video

What are you looking for in life? - video

How should Christians respond to evil and injustice? - video

What is the Kingdom of God? - video

Do you have a sense of God's calling? What are you called to do? - video

You can find out more about what we believe on this Church of England webpage.