Starting Rite – you, your baby and God.

What is Starting Rite?

Starting Rite is a 5 session course for carers and their babies.

The course is totally baby-focussed with a range of multi-sensory activities for your child to experience, including baby-massage, singing, storytelling, bubbles, waterplay and a sensory tent.

The aim is to give you lots of quality bonding time with your baby whilst also thinking about faith and values you would like to offer your child as they grow up.

Who can attend Starting Rite?

Starting Rite is open to anyone, especially if you have an interest in introducing your baby to God and preparing them for christening. 

What do people say about Starting Rite?

The course is run in churches all over England. Here are some reviews by mums / dads / carers who went on the course with their baby:

‘fun, informative, made you think about things that you otherwise might not when children are at this special age.’

‘wish it was every week as I have had such a lovely experience’

‘It has been great to be in an environment to feel comfortable and open to talk about things.’

‘a really nice mix of social and spiritual. A nice community’

‘The mix of stories, activities and discussion meant something for baby and me, not just him’

‘I really enjoyed the opportunity to spend 1 on 1 time with my baby without the usual distractions’

‘absolutely loved everything’

‘My baby and I definitely loved coming here – giving time and space to think about the content but also tend to our babies without worry’

‘A lovely get together, nice to meet other mums and babies getting christened at the same time.’

‘Everything was great. Very welcoming.’

When is the next Starting Rite course?

To be arranged post Covid.

How do I book a place on the Starting Rite course?

If you would like to book onto the Starting Rite course, please click here

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