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30 Mar 2021, 6 p.m.
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Monday 29th March

Charity of the Week:

Give thanks for your Covid-19 vaccination, by making a voluntary donation to help pay for jabs for others around the world.

Tuesday 30th March

Unfinished Sentence. unfinished sentence to think about this week is:


Wednesday 31st March

Weekly Worship podcast. This podcast from Alconbury Weald Church is lead by Revd Rob Paddison. The theme for this week is 'God looks on the inside'. Also there is a question for reflection during Lent: 'What does God's love mean to you?' Click here to listen.

Thursday 1st April

Easter Window. The office window at the vicarage has been decorated for Easter. See photo above. 

Friday 2nd April

Baby and Toddler Survey. This week we have asked people to take part in a survey about us starting up a new Baby and Toddler Group at the Pavilion in Alconbury Weald.

The basic idea is a simple soft play gathering for 0-4yrs with their parents/carers. There will be refreshments available and an optional zone which may host a Bible Storytime session; craft activity; or occasionally a visiting parenting advisor. Mostly it is about a place for babies and children to socialise and for parents/carers to socialise and share parenting joys and tribulations (mutual support). A place to Be Loving which is the church’s aim.

The survey was released via AlconburyWealdLiving Facebook page and an Easter card posted through residents doors. We have had some 60 responses which have been both positive and informative.