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5 Apr 2021, 1 p.m.
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Tuesday 6th April

soul moments.  On several occasions this week, if you are able, stop, stand, really stand. You can do this with or without footwear. Close your eyes and take notice of the pressure on the soles of your feet. What does it feel like? What does the surface feel like that you are standing on? Are you standing on something hard or soft? Is there any give or take? This stopping and just noticing something that you probably don’t general take note of creates a soul moment, which is good for our wellbeing.


Wednesday 7th April

Weekly Worship podcast.  Easter Service from Alconbury Weald Church lead by Revd Rob Paddison is now available on our YouTube channel. Click here to listen.

Thursday 8th April

unfinished sentence.  Something for you to think about this week. How would you complete the sentence and can you finish it in more than one way?