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14 Jun 2021, 2 p.m.
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Sunday 13th June

We held our OutdoorChurch service around the campfire in the school grounds, although we didn't light the fire this week as it was really hot weather. Our theme for the service continued our exploration of the Parables, this week we explored the parable of The Growing Seed (Mark 4:26-29). To help us explore the parable, the activities included Owl Ears and Seed Sorting. 

Monday 14th June

unfinished sentence. Something for you to think about this week. How would you complete the sentence and can you finish it in more than one way?


Wednesday 16th June

Weekly Worship. Latest podcast now available. Click here to listen.

Friday 17th June


Over the next few days, if you are able, stop and grip something like a door handle, a table edge, a cushion or a tree branch, really grip it. Close your eyes and take notice of what you feel and the pressure on the pads of your fingers and hand. What does it feel like? Can you feel the tenseness of your muscles as you grip? This stopping and just noticing something that you probably don’t general take note of creates a soul moment, which is good for our wellbeing.