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21 Jun 2021, 11:30 a.m.
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Sunday 20th June

We held our OutdoorChurch service around the campfire in the school grounds and lit the fire this week as the weather was the complete opposite of last week! Our theme for the service continued our exploration of the Parables, this week we explored the parable of The Mustard Seed (Mark 4:30-32). To help us explore the parable, the activities included rolling a mustard seed between our fingers and measuring the height of trees. We finished off by toasting marshmallows over the fire.

Monday 21st  June

unfinished sentence. Something for you to think about this week. How would you complete the sentence and can you finish it in more than one way?


Wednesday 23rd June

Weekly Worship podcast now available. The theme of the service is 'The Parable of The Mustard Seed.' Click here to listen.