About Us

Saint George, Waddon is a daughter Church of Saint John the Baptist, Croydon (Croydon Minster), and serves the area of the Waddon Estate, and roads surrounding the Estate that are also part of Waddon. 

We are a lively community church and you can always be sure of a very warm welcome.

If you feel the need to contact us we will be pleased to help you. If you require further information please use the e-mail address supplied or call the church number (see below).

We also have as part of our Mission Action Plan - Waddon Community Outreach and Friends of St George's.  If you'd like to become a Friend, please contact us by email, and it's good to know whether you have had any contact with us in the past, and to share your experiences.

If you would like to book our Centre (which is also part of the Church) either for one off  or regular events, please contact Mrs Christine Crawley on 07856365561 or email [email protected]