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A very warm welcome to St. Thomas' Church! We are a friendly, Spirit-filled, evangelical (Bible-believing) church which is situated on the Coppy Hall Estate in Aldridge, near Walsall. Our vision statement is 'Up, In and Out' with worship, discipleship, prayer and evangelism as key aspects of the life of our church. Fellowship is also very important to us and we aim to give every new attender a really friendly and supportive experience. Our Ministry Team are helping us to continually grow in our ability to discern the living word of God and organise frequent visiting speakers, encouraging us to develop prophetic gifts and Spirit-filled lives. Our most recent visitor was Mark Marx, who developed the 'Healing on the Streets' healing ministry and we have continued this ourselves in the Aldridge shopping area.  We have more exciting speakers coming to visit us, so please do come along, we'd love to get to know YOU!

St Thomas' Safeguarding Policy can be found in the drop-down list within our menu. 

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Dear Church Family,

The situation regarding the Covid-19 virus is worsening daily, but what can we do about it? WE CAN PRAY!!

Below is a heartfelt and upsetting plea from Liz Grace who has to deal with the effects of the virus daily at the Manor Hospital. You can see how much this is affecting her, so folks we need to get behind her and the whole of the NHS and pray!

“Hi everyone
Whilst I know and understand that everyone is withstanding their own pressures at the moment, especially those in education (give me healthcare any day!!), I would like you to consider the following request.

I have just spent possibly my worst shift in 40+years of nursing, with unbelievable pressures, and national incidents being reported, because the hospitals are now officially unable to do anything more - not through laziness, but simply through lack of any further capacity. The figures are startling, and the staff are completely empty. But the patients keep pouring in.

Would it be possible to put a message out to encourage a call to prayer - again - to the people of St Ts? I can see no other way out of this, and it is progressively escalating day by day, but today was worsening hour by hour. I know that many people are still praying, and continue to do so, but this needs to be fervent and ongoing. We are currently losing the battle.

Thanks for your consideration of this. Liz”

In normal times we’d be asking you to meet at church to pray together, but obviously we can’t do that. So, can we ask you to commit to praying at 6pm each day, then we know we’ll be praying powerfully

together every day. Lifegroups and Roland’s Zoom prayers are being asked to soak the situation in prayer too. Please also continue to pray for this situation during your usual prayer time.

This is the least we can do for one of our sisters in Christ, and for all those who daily put their own lives at risk in fighting Covid. There is strength in praying together.

(Jesus said..) Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my Name, there I am with them. Matthew 18:19-20.

Thank you.

The Wardens, Sue and Jeremy


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