Education and church links in Datchet

Information about the 2 Church Schools, Datchet St Mary's C of E Primary Academy (DSM), and Churchmead (Secondary)  and one PNEU School can be found here. 

St Mary's works closely with all 3, but  as the primary school was established in 1843 by the then incumbent it has a  particularly special relationship with DSM.  All three schools hold services in church, attend the RBL Remembrance Service etc: each school engages  in a unique way with St Mary's and work in partnership to  contribute regularly to the wider community.  

Datchet St Mary's C of E Primary Academy Contact: 01753 542982       email : [email protected]  

DSM recently, after exercising Due Diligence,  joined the Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust. It is nestled in the heart of the village and provides wraparound care for pupils , with a Breakfast Club starting at 7:45am and the After School Club ending at 6pm.  The school also host  other activities such as Chelsea Football Club, Football Multi-skills, Chess, Hi Five Fitness, Street Dance, French and a fantastic Choir  which gets invited to sing at local village events such as the  Village Fete, Christmas Fairs and special events . Under the leadership  of the Headteacher, Ms Nicola Green the Children receive a well rounded education from dedicated staff.  

After the recent OFSTED visit early September, 2018 the School has been judged GOOD, the report praised the headteacher’s vision and drive, along with the staff who ‘share her passion and determination to keep improving the school’. The report also recognised that the school enjoys strong support from parents and governors, and that ‘pupils make strong progress across a range of subjects, and highlights the school's curriculum and ' rich experiences'. It also praises the school’s inclusivity, noting that ‘respect for cultural heritage is a key feature of the school’ and ‘disadvantaged pupils often achieve well’. It recognises the ‘strong culture of safeguarding’ and the conduct of pupils, describing the school as ‘harmonious and happy’.

 Admissions are often oversubscribed in the Reception year. Currently DSM has a few spaces in Years 4,5 & 6 , to find out more  about our Admissions policies for the current year and  2019 -2020 please look on the school website 

Churchmead School website:   Contact :  01753 211330    e-mail:  office

is the second Church School associated with St Mary's . It became a Church school (VA) back in September 2002 

Churchmead is a mixed 11-18 Church of England School welcoming students of all faiths.

As a comparatively small Church of England secondary school (approximately 420) the school  can rightly claim that every student is known as an individual.  It promote an ethos of being  a family with family values.

The school ensures  that every student has the best opportunities to learn and succeed and are committed to achieving the highest academic standards to ensure that all students have the necessary skills to compete in the 21st century. Consequently it  provides a carefully structured, balanced and accelerated personalised curriculum for all.

Eton End PNEU  Contact: 01753 541075  email - general enquiries : [email protected]                              admissions: [email protected]

Eton End is a family school where the friendly, caring ethos goes hand in hand with high standards and outstanding academic success. The school stands for a solid foundation in education yet the importance of a happy and memorable childhood is never forgotten. The school's stimulating environment encourages in the pupils an enthusiasm for learning, confidence in themselves and consideration for others. A strong emphasis is placed on good manners and thoughtfulness.

 Broadly Christian in ethos, Eton End PNEU school  welcomes all faiths and celebrates other faith festivals. The aim is to promote an awareness of spiritual values.  Morning assemblies are considered  to be an integral part of school life as they present moral, cultural and topical themes in a simple and meaningful way.