Bells History

The bells were cast in 1735 by Abraham Rudhall II, at Gloucester and were originally installed in the Georgian 'Pigott' church that stood next to Chetwynd Hall.  The Pigott church was demolished in 1866 and the current one constructed a short distance away: the bells and frame were transferred to the new building.  They are mounted at the top of the tower: the ringing chamber is a floor level below, the organ loft below this and the vestry is at ground level.   

An external door at the north side of the tower gives access to a narrow spiral staircase; this rises to a small passage behind the organ loft, then an iron ladder leads through a narrow trap door into the ringing chamber.  This climb is not recommended to the faint hearted or those of more generous proportions. 

There is a further tall iron ladder and cage within the ringing chamber, which takes you through a further narrow trap door to the bell frame.  

Doves guide for our bells can be accessed using this link:

Shropshire Association of Bell ringers guide can be found here:

Downloads buttons below give access to photographs of the ringing chamber, a set of images taken when the the bell chamber was refurbished by the ringers and a list of the bell inscriptions.

By selecting the 'Bells - audio files' from the menu, you can listen to the bells being rung by a variety of ringers.

We welcome ringers from other towers and ask you to contact our church wardens to plan a visit.

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