Funerals need to be organised, and without doubt few of us are at our best at this time and organising a funeral can just be another pressure that we don't need. They are not something you were expecting to deal with at this particular moment and if you haven't a clue how to go about giving someone the send off that they deserve.

Don't panic. Together we can take the stress and stain out of the arrangements.

Let's deal with the most important thing first. ' We are sorry for your loss and want to support you through the next few weeks'

The first thing you need to do is identify a good funeral director? They deal with funerals everyday and will lead you through, how to register the death, the red tape of death certificates, selecting the type of funeral you want and a suitable casket.

Not all people want a church service and there has always been the local crematorium as an alternative option.

However, if your loved one was a regular church goer, or has indicated that they would like a church service, the funeral director can arrange this.

In Mid-Trent we have a central coordinator for funerals and generally deal with the funeral director that you have engaged.

Some useful questions to ask yourself and the family are listed below. In an ideal world its good to have had the conversation with your loved one before it is thrust upon you.

Would they wish to have a burial or cremation?

If they would have favored burial, is it in an existing plot and will someone be joining them at a later date.

Have they expressed a preference for Church or crematorium.

Would they have liked a member of the clergy or a celebrant to conduct the service.

What style music would they want.

Are there any family members who may want to do the eulogy.

These are all things the funeral director will ask you.

If you are a regular church goer your church warden can support and help you with organising the church service. Contact details are listed for each church on the relevant page on this site.

When I buried my mother a wise vicar said to me ' It hasn't all got to be done today'.  Within reason there is no rush. Take your time to make your decisions and good-byes.

Our coordinator for Mid-Trent Churches is Janet Stubbs who can be contacted on 01785-213868.