Methodist Resources

Resources and opportunities to share in prayer with others
Prayer of the Day – taken from the Methodist Prayer Handbook -
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Morning Prayer from Wesley House Cambridge: 10:00am – 10:15am Monday-Friday

i=BVI,76ZCQ,3A7Q80,T58ZW,1> Livestreaming - Wesley's Chapel & Leysian
Prayer Wall - Pray for others on the online prayer wall -
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Submit a prayer request to share on the prayer wall -

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Take part in a Daily Bible Study online -
%20Sustenance&dm_i=BVI,76ZCQ,3A7Q80,T58WZ,1> A Word in Time Bible study
Weekly chat and prayer with President and Vice-President of The Methodist
Conference - Mondays at 12.45pm on Facebook -
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President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference - Home | Facebook

Pause for Thought will continue on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at
9.00am on the Circuit Facebook page –(Stafford Methodist Churches Together)
and now also on The Circuit’s YouTube Channel.
Each Monday, will be either Rev. Pauline or Rev. Jimi, with Wednesdays and
Fridays being provided by our wider circuit family.

Wednesday Welcome - Join us for an on-line coffee and chat run by
Berkswich Fellowship from 10.30am – 12noon. ALL ARE WELCOME for 10 minutes,
or the full 1.5hours, just follow the link below.
It really is a good opportunity to meet with people virtually in this
extended time away from the groups we are used to!