About Us

 St. Margaret’s stands in the ‘high church’ tradition and our corporate worship is centred around the Mass (also known as Holy Communion or the Eucharist). The priest wears vestments and we make use of incense and candles. The emphasis on liturgy within our worship is intended to appeal to one’s whole person – to heart as well as head, to senses as well as to intellect. The way we worship is our attempt to maintain the beauty of holiness. The themes of our services are organised according to the traditional liturgical year and the calendar of saints.

If you are unfamiliar with such a traditional setting, don’t worry! Each act of worship has a service sheet which makes things easy to follow and we are always aware that not everyone worshipping is well-versed in our particular tradition. After the worship there is an opportunity to chat and get to know people over a tea or coffee. We are a diverse bunch and look forward to welcoming you!