Bell Ringing

When you listen to the Holy Trinity church bells do you ever wonder what happens in the tower to produce that lovely sound? If you would like to see bell ringers in action then why not pay us a visit?

You will discover that bell ringers are ordinary people much like anyone else. In West Sussex we range in age from 9 to 90. We are women and men, boys and girls, married and single, parents and grandparents.

We practise on Thursday evenings from 7.30 to 9.00pm and ring before the Sunday service from 9.30 to 10.00am and for some weddings. Do feel free to come along and have a look just out of curiosity or to see if this might be something for you. Bring a friend. We do of course comply with all the relevant child protection guidelines. You will find we are very welcoming, perfectly normal and contrary to popular myth, our feet never leave the ground!

If you would like to have a try then practice night is best please. Bell ringing is a fascinating pastime that provides stimulating mental and physical activity in a friendly atmosphere with the added advantage of being free. Having learned to ring you will be welcomed in any bell tower in the country. You could have a lifetime of enjoyment as well as providing a useful service for the church. And we go the pub after practice!

Just in case we get hundreds of people turning up and we can’t fit you all in, it would be sensible to check with me first that all is well.

Graham Burling. Tower Captain 01403 253404.