Church of England Diocese of Southwark Horne

Memorial to RAF Horne

In May and June 1944 there was a small wartime grass airfield with two steel mesh runways in use within the parish of Horne.

This was because the RAF was anxious to acquire additional airfields in the southeast of England. Known as ALG's Advanced Landing Grounds, Horne was the only one in Surrey. It consisted of two grass runways and perimeter tracks with storage and tented accommodation

Now encompassed by Horne Park Golf course the airfield is commemorated by a small memorial on Bones Lane,

The three Squadrons stationed there under canvas represented nations from around the world.

130 Squadron consisted of pilots and groundcrew from England, Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand,

303 Squadron was entirely Polish and

402 Squadron entirely Canadian. They all arrived at the airfield on Sunday 30 April 1944 from different airfields in the UK and on Tuesday 2 May, just two days later, they took off on their 1st operation over enemy occupied territory having never before flown together from Horne as a Wing.