About Us

St Mary’s in the village of Garsington is an historic (1180) church just outside Oxford. It stands on a raised hilltop site commanding fine views across the Thames Valley towards Didcot and the Wittenham Clumps; this has been described as “the finest view in Oxfordshire.”

The church has a service every Sunday, and the regular congregation averages 10-20 people. Many other people from the village are involved in associated activities such as bell ringing and flower arranging while the church fête brings a large number of people working together. Although the core congregation is mostly retired they are not exclusively so and the regular members have a spread of ages from the newly born upwards. Some people have moved in recently, while others have lived in Garsington for decades. People of all faiths and none will find a welcome here. 

St Mary's has three capable organists, so the organ is used on most Sundays.

We try to keep the church unlocked in daylight hours, at least between 10am and 4pm every day, and many visitors and locals alike enjoy the peace of this special place. Occasionally, this may not be possible due to sickness or special events, so please bear with us and accept our apologies should you find the church locked.

The wedding scene in "Amazing Grace" was filmed at St Mary’s.