About Us

We’d love to meet you. St John the Baptist Church is a warm and friendly gathering of people of all sorts and sizes, all ages and backgrounds, united by a love for Jesus Christ and the desire to follow him through life today.

We meet at church to worship God, to pray and share fun and fellowship together, to learn from God through the scriptures, and to be renewed and refreshed to go out and serve God and others in our village and beyond.

The church runs a variety of regular adult Bible study groups and small housegroups. There are several church prayer meetings. 

There is the weekly KBS Café on Thursday mornings for all ages, held in the village hall, and other interesting community initiatives such as the bimonthly Village Lunch, the fortnightly Bereavement Group and the monthy Film Club. 

We support hospital work in Malawi by fundraising and we support a local Food Bank with regular donations of dried and tinned foods.

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