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Booking a wedding

Booking a wedding

To book a wedding, phone the warden or send her an email. It is likely that you will be invited to meet with a vicar. When you meet he or she will want to get to know you both a little and will have two forms he needs to complete with your information. One is the booking form for the wedding, and the other form is so that wedding banns can be read two to three months ahead of time as is a legal requirement for nearly every wedding. If one or both of you is/are divorced, you can still be married.

On the first meeting the vicar will need to see proof of address and proof of nationality. Proof of nationality is a passport (If you don’t have a passport, consider getting one because it can require more than one document to prove nationality – a birth certificate may not be enough). Proof of address is a driver’s license or utility bill. The vicar will also ask for a deposit of £50 and will request the rest of the fees in the time between the banns being read and a fornight before the wedding.

The statutory fees for getting married at Holy Trinity in 2021 are the same than in any parish in England: £495 (covering the reading of banns: £31, marriage service: £464). We also ask for £40 for the cost of the verger. You can also ask the church to provide you with supplementary options: organist £60, pew ends and bell ringing.

The vicar will be in touch as the wedding approaches to find out decisions you have made regarding the service (music, readings, etc..). Also there will be a wedding rehearsal with as many of the bridal party as possible on the Thursday evening before the wedding or other convenient time.