Christians are called to be ‘good stewards’

Christians are called to be ‘good stewards’ and to give thanks to God as they receive joy, peace and inspiration in the local parish church. We give what we can with the gift of our time and money. It is about our responsibility as the church.

The Parish of St. James the Great & St. Paul, Colchester receives no money from the state or the Church of England. We are blessed to receive the generous offerings and giving of both money and time from our good people. However, it is not enough to cover our outgoings.

If you feel called to be a steward, please download the Stewardship form


fill it in, and send it by email to [email protected] or by posting it to St. James the Great PCC Parish Office. 50B Priory Street, Colchester. CO1 2QB. the or by handing it to a sidesperson in church.

Stewardship_Form_with_BANKERS_ORDER, PDF