About Us

Our current congregation is in single figures and the only children that come are related to the Vicar, but if you want to get you hands dirty, your heart broken and your feet washed, you are very welcome to join in.

We are beginning again.

We had to in the 13th Century when a high tide caused our tower to collapse - it took two hundred years then, hopefully it won't take us quite as long this time around. Some things we will wind down, some things we shall start up. We'll do Christmas like you remember this year and in 2019, we hope to have a different pattern to the way we worship through the week. In the meantime, come along at 1000 on term-time Wednesdays for a quiet service with bread and wine or 1030 most Sundays for a variety of music, Word and the drama of Worship. You'd be very welcome. If it is your first time, you'll even stand a good chance of lunch at the Vicarage.