About Us

In 2017 St Nicholas Church  revisited and revised its core values, its vision and purpose. We have recognized that what defines us as a Church is much bigger than our local culture, history and personal preferences. First and foremost, we are the children of the Heavenly Father, called by Christ to live in the power of the Holy Spirit according to the plans of God. We are Christians and therefore we are the followers of Christ - His disciples. In the core of our ministry is the desire to know the will of God for ourselves, to follow Him and to share the love of Christ with others. What makes us spiritually alive and excited is prayer, Bible study and serving others.

Our Mission Statement is a threefold:

Welcome - through Jesus

Healing - by the power of the Spirit

Purpose - to the glory of God the Father

Welcome - so many people need love, support, comfort and faith. We believe God calls us to minister to people through prayer and practical help.

Healing - we recognize that in the world where so many are wounded, broken and hurt, a Christian community is responsible to offer the message of healing and reconciliation. According to the Bible we are His Body, His hands and His feet. Jesus is still the same, yesterday, today and forever. He is present among us and continues to offer His healing touch to those who recognize their brokenness and need in the gospel. We are sent into the world to love the Lord and our neighbour.

Purpose - Jesus accepts us as we are, but the true encounter with him is always transformative. We are never the same after meeting with the Living God. As a Church we encourage people to follow Jesus, to discern their vocation and to nurture their gifts in ministry. Christ, we said: “I came to give life— life that is full and good”, offers purpose and excitement in life.

So join us in our journey of Faith, full of meaning, joy and discover the uniqueness of our Triune God.