About Us


By God's grace, we are a lively, friendly and growing congregation led by a French vicar.

We describe ourselves with these words:

WHO are we?  “Our growing church family is a fellowship of Jesus’ disciples, from all ages and backgrounds, transformed by him".  

WHAT do we do? "With God’s grace, we worship him as 'our Father in heaven' and want to grow closer to him, listening to his Word, caring for one another and serving everybody, with generosity."   

WHY do we do it? "We believe that only Christ, our Saviour, can give the fulfillment of people’s deep desire, and offer hope and true inspiration for our lives."   

HOW do we do it?  "Our vision is to proclaim, in the power of the Spirit, by our lives and words, the Good News of God’s love and renewal proposed to us in Jesus and offered in the Church.”

We are fortunate to worship in an attractive and very light building, surrounded by a beautiful churchyard. The building has been re-ordered to add toilets, a kitchen and a meeting room and has been provided with an efficient heating system.