During the difficult time when all church buildings were closed, here at St Paul’s we did everything we could to maintain fellowship as much as possible. We realised that this involved new ways of ‘delivering’ church and though we couldn’t access the building, we were still a church!

A number of resources were developed and available to be downloaded from the parish website. The PCC and Standing Committee meetings continued to be held, as well as meetings with both local Anglican vicars and those of other Christian denominations for prayer and discussion via ‘Zoom’. People from the Toddlers Group and the Wednesday Coffee Morning were in touch via phone and email, and the link with our school was maintained with regular contact. More than 1000 calls have been made by our group of pastoral care volunteers, to offer support, fellowship and a link to the outside world for those who are vulnerable and self-isolating within the parish. From the very beginning of the covid-19 crisis, our church was recognised by the Council as a Neighbouring Support Centre for Wibsey, and during this crisis we delivered food to 93 households with 270 people of all generations.

In brief: Although our doors were closed, our church was very much alive!

As you know, our church has always been reliant on people’s generosity, your generosity, for which I am truly grateful. You all give to our church in a variety of ways. But in the last months, our income was nearly non-existent, although we still had bills to pay. As the covid-19 crisis is far for being over, we are encouraged to avoid as much as possible using cash, that can be an easy source of contamination. So, we really need your help now and wonder if you could make up as much as you can for the past months when the building was closed, and also consider changing you way of giving.

We cannot carry on fulfilling our mission in Wibsey without your generosity.

Please use the Donate button on our home page, or this link if you feel able to support our work.

If you want to set up a regular giving by Standing Order or Direct Debit, contact us with the tab 'Get in touch'. Thanks.